Key Concepts for Communication and Other Soft Skills

Communication Fundamentals

Leaders need to be able to effectively communicate using a variety of mechanisms. From texting, to email, to a phone call, to a meeting, to a group gathering, the capacity for a leader to lead is bounded by their ability to communicate and their skillful use of communication techniques. 

Presentation Fundamentals

Conveying information to groups of people, whether for informational or conversion purposes, the leader is relied upon to use their position to present in ways that further the aim of the organization and increase the connection their people have with the meaningful objectives of the organization.

Competency Fundamentals

Understanding what a competency is and how excellence is acquired in a specific competency is an important factor in leadership success. Leaders who regularly take stock in their technical and professional competence, as well as understand the business competence they are asked to lead, can plot their own development and their trajectory for advancement becomes an exponential curve.

Vision Fundamentals

Executives report that one of the most important skills a leader can have is the ability to create and communicate a vision. Great vision attracts talent, mobilizes people for action, and creates a connection for workers that gives powerful meaning to their work life.

Course Outcomes

The goals for this course are:

  • Increase communication effectiveness as a leader by recognizing the types of communication that are needed and create the environment for successful communicative organizational relationships.
  • Acquire tactical and strategic capabilities for presenting to small and large groups, and increase the probability for a specific pre-planned action to result from the presentation.
  • Recognize the importance of leadership competencies and soft skills, and identify specific areas for personal improvement in your overall leadership capability.
  • Actively take the vision into the organization so that the vision becomes a catalyst for organizational energy and achievement.