Key Concepts


You will work through four key concepts that will help you deepen your leadership capability with the following skills:

  • You will gain techniques and tools to be able to prioritize your time in order to efficiently and effectively accomplish the most important things in your leadership life.
  • You will be introduced to the theories behind strategic planning and be able to recognize the process for creating a strategy.
  • You will learn a framework for creating project-level plans, socialize those plans, and get those plans approved.
  • You will improve your ability to execute plans.


Identifying the most important things to do, and then being able to let go of those things that will only slow you down, sounds easy but in the practical and busy pace of life is much harder to do. Leaders who can skillfully prioritize are valuable to their company and their people.

Strategic Planning

Work needs to be done in the context of the big picture. The ability to have a vision, clearly state an objective, and mobilize resources to accomplish that objective is a prized leadership talent.

Project Planning

Project planning is both an art and a science, and it involves understanding how to organize work into executable chunks of tasks within blocks of targeted time. Even if the organization has dedicated full-time project leaders, the line-level leader has ultimate responsibility for project planning so that it is integrated with strategy and is done in the context of the business operation. 

Leading Execution

All of the plans in the world are of no value if there isn’t a leader who can execute the plan. We know that a significant amount of waste exists in organizations because leaders don’t efficiently execute plans. This causes frustration with their people, their leaders, and their customers, and as a result the business suffers.