Key Concepts

Motivation and Incentives

Taking time to understand the management theories about motivation and motivating is an important leadership educational exercise. Modern era leaders play a unique role in facilitating organizational success by helping their people tap into their own motivations in order to perform at the highest levels that are both personally and professionally satisfying.

Making Meaning out of Work

For a great deal of the history of humankind people have labored for their basic survival. In our modern era the value of our work and the type of work we do significantly impacts our self-esteem. Modern era leaders are uniquely positioned to help those they lead have meaningful work that creates value for both the organization and for the worker.

Why People Follow Leaders

Understanding what motivates a person is a basic key to being an effective leader. While there may be similarities between the people we lead and their motivations, deep down each person is unique. Getting people to follow us as leaders will depend on how well we understand our own “why,” the company “why,” and our people’s personal “why.

Practical Incentive Models

Recognition and incentive models that work well have common threads between them. Because each organization is different the way in which we adapt and apply the principles of motivation and inspiration are also different.