Prioritizing, Planning, and Executing

Time is What We Need

Low? or…High? According to the research presented in this video 41% of knowledge worker’s time is spent on low-value tasks. The following three principles can help improve our time utilization: Principle 1: Think deliberately about what you are working on. Principle 2: Focus on tasks that matter the most. Principle 3: Offload all other […]

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In this section we introduce a few common tools to help you identify and organize priorities. Blank Sheet There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of automated tools to help prioritize your focus. Because we are tied to being “always” online, at times the automated approach doesn’t help us think as clearly. Quite often, the best way

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If you Google “how to set priorities,” you will see over 570,000 articles and websites that talk about setting priorities. Many techniques exist to establish priorities, check-off accomplishments, and track progress. In this section we mention a few techniques or concepts that we have actually experienced and have helped other leaders use in various situations.

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The Importance of Prioritizing

Great leaders prioritize, plan, and execute, and they avoid situations where they are constantly in a reactionary mode. Leaders make the process of prioritizing a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual habit. They work constantly to make sure the priority activities are receiving proper attention. In this section we discuss why prioritizing is important and provide

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Key Concepts

Focus You will work through four key concepts that will help you deepen your leadership capability with the following skills: You will gain techniques and tools to be able to prioritize your time in order to efficiently and effectively accomplish the most important things in your leadership life. You will be introduced to the theories behind strategic planning and

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