Prioritizing, Planning, and Executing

Future Vision

We have had several clients use this method. The method is to identify strategic intersections while forcing your team to step into the bigger picture and into the future. Step 1: Where is the business heading? Discuss the implications of the current strategic objectives in the context of where everyone thinks the business is heading. Step […]

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Design Collaboration

“”I’ve always believed that innovation comes from people who care.” Carl Erickson, the Founder of Atomic Object Atomic Object is a dynamic, creative, and energetic software development company and is one of the best-run organizations I have ever seen. We found them in Grand Rapids, Michigan and liked working with them because of their honesty,

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Building Strategy

Strategic leaders are more than planners or people with vision who are able to get others to see and execute that vision. Strategic leaders are inventors of the future. They leverage their creative nature to explore what could be done, not what is likely to be done. Strategic leaders rapidly test their ideas. As odd

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Strategy and Planning

Strategy is over-taught and under-thought. Strategy itself is a rather simple concept. Unfortunately, the academic world, consulting world, and training world have managed to make the simple concept incredibly complex. Many organizations struggle with being able to identify their strategy on their own and being able to establish implementation or execution plans that help to

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Case: The 9th Hour

Nike Story From Leaders247 Founder Gordon Whitehead 9th Hour for fast personal growth I learned about the 9th hour from my friend and former boss at Nike, Bruce Watson. Bruce was a person who had never finished college. He started Nike as a programmer working on an insignificant project. Over the years he turned one

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