Motivating and Inspiring Others

Don’t Collect Rocks

Making sure meaningful work happens requires a leader to slow-down, to clearly prioritize, and to work with the team to define clear and firm concepts for what the work is going to be. Remember, your workers know more than you about the work you are going to assign them – don’t just get their input

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The Importance of Frederick Taylor

Frederick Taylor is considered to be the Father of Scientific Management. His development of management principles is important to knowledge era leaders because they provide insight into the nature of motivation and incentives and how they work in practical terms. Background Frederick Taylor was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania. He lived from 1856-1915 and is known as the

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Motivation and Incentives

What Motivates Someone? One of the most challenging experiences in leadership is identifying and implementing techniques to help people achieve at their highest levels. What motivates someone to higher levels of performance is unique from individual to individual. However, there are principles that can help leaders in their journey to inspire members of their organization.

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Evolution of Labor and Motivation

Understand the Journey Part of understanding the motivations of the modern workforce is understanding the journey we have taken as a society to arrive at our modern condition. In this section we will briefly explore the journey and think about the implications to our management ideas. Agrarian era The transition from a hunter-gatherer socio-economic

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