Motivating and Inspiring Others

Case: The Future Manager

by Gordon Whitehead, Founder of Leaders247. Based on a true story. The names have been changed to protect the guilty and the innocent. The Story “Welcome aboard Adam – we are so glad you’ve joined us. We look forward to your leadership experience in helping us all get to the next level.” Adam Rainsure smiled, …

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The Power of Leader Engagement

When people feel engaged they want to give their energy and their ideas to help the organization to be successful. Here are four ideas to help increase engagement. Manage by Walking Around Visit, observe, and compliment. Never critique or offer change suggestions when going to someone else’s area and observing them. Always appreciate in a …

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Culture Leads to Engagement

Cyriac Roeding is a German-American entrepreneur and was the CBS Executive Vice President who started the CBS Mobile division. In the above video he explains how culture is like a wind that blows people in a common direction. The right kind of culture enables people to engage with each other in an unstructured, creative, unplanned, and …

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The Four Indicators of Leadership

In this audio segment from an interview with Gordon Whitehead, Founder of Leaders247, we explore indicators of good leadership. Leaders who are self-aware can self-assess how their team feels about and responds to their leadership.

Case: Commander’s Intent

Case Author: Gordon Whitehead, Founder of Leaders247 In the late 1980’s a major shift occurred in the U. S. Marine Corps warfighting doctrine. Commandant Al Gray, a spunky Marine’s Marine type of leader, commissioned the Fleet Marine Force Field Manual 1 (FMFM1) to be written, and subsequently signaled a new era of leadership in the …

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Why People Follow Leaders

Subscription leadership is the millennial pattern – and it’s a good one. Like social media, where we choose who to follow and unfollow with a click, followers do the same with leaders. The upshot of this model is that a leader has to be constantly earning the right to lead. Subscription leadership is a healthy …

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Inspirational Quote: Lao-Tzu

“The leader grows more and lasts longer by placing the well-being of all above the well-being of self alone.” Lao-Tzu

Growth Activity #2: Observe Your Knowledge Workers

Take some time to observe your knowledge workers and ponder about their productivity. Answer these questions and submit them in the assignment box. What alchemy do they perform that produces great knowledge products or services? What concerns do you have about their productivity? What are the impressive traits your most productive knowledge workers possess?