Empower and Delegate

Dumping vs. Delegating

Dietrich Dorner wrote a book entitled, “The Logic of Failure.” He explained that when a leader delegates that does not mean the leader gets to abandon the problem, rather, the leader should stay in touch and connected because what has been delegated is a part of a larger whole. “We can ease the task of […]

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Principles of Delegating

We interviewed Enrique Washington, who is the Head of Executive Talent Acquisition at ESPN, on the topic of leadership and talent management. The audio clip in this section was his response to the question, “What is the most serious mistake leaders make?” Enrique’s reply demonstrates the difficulty some leaders have in understanding why, how, and

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Micromanagement vs. Engagement

Voice of Experience We interviewed Mark James, a Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Procurement, and Communications at Honeywell, and asked him about leadership and empowerment. In this segment of his interview he discusses an important point about how people perceive their leader and that a leader will want to have presence so that the

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Recipe for Empowerment

https://vimeo.com/350616398/0f6545ea82 Logic of the Recipe The word empower is comprised of two parts: em + power. The etymology of the word “em” or “en” comes from French and Latin words that mean “in” or “into.” The etymology of the word “power” also comes from French and Latin and one of the first meanings is the “ability to act or

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Key Concepts

Focus You will work through four key concepts that will help you deepen your leadership capability with the following skills: You will learn the recipe for empowerment and how to become a leader who consciously empowers others. You will learn the fundamental elements of properly delegating an assignment. You will be able to recognize the responsibility of a leader

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