Empower and Delegate

A Model for Training

One of the most important roles of a leader is to develop the capabilities of the people who report to them. Formal, professional training and attending conferences are important in the lives of people who are trying to grow their career. Leaders will want to help make sure their people have those opportunities. Additionally, self-directed

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Case: 360 Transparency

by Gordon Whitehead, Founder of Leaders247 A Story Hello Grace, good morning.  Good morning Ralph.  Grace, I have something I need you to do – we have this new product hitting the market as you know. Marketing is pushing us to get the customer support documents in place so they can be published at the

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Case: Delegation Misfire

by Gordon Whitehead, Founder of Leaders247 This case provides an example of how it can be complicated to effectively delegate if you are under management scrutiny and when management jumps to conclusions because they do not recognize the complete situation. It also shows how managers might make assumptions that are not true – as leaders

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