Difficult People

Leaders Need Emotional Agility

Emotional Intelligence We know from research by Daniel Goleman that emotional intelligence helps an individual thrive in high-pressure situations (Emotional Intelligence: Why it Matters More than IQ). https://youtu.be/WICq_Pj8ZUk A Leader’s Emotional Intelligence Leaders with high levels of emotional intelligence are able to help others through conflict. It is quite common to see people at work who are terrific workers

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Case Example: The Wrong Way

Nike Story From Leaders247 Founder Gordon Whitehead The Right Way Have the essential conversation When I was a young manager at a very large company we had a tough situation. An average performer, who was really well-liked, had a severe hygiene problem. The problem kept him from being effective with customers and his peers. For

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Key Concepts

Challenging Employee Situations Here’s the truth – most people want to do well. They want to achieve, perform, and be successful. Still, there are times when even our best workers find themselves in situations where they have become a challenge to us or others. Helping people break through those negative moments to find their way

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