Difficult People

The Corporate Apology

At some point in your career, something will go wrong. When that moment happens, the way you deal with it will make all the difference. Your reaction will set the tone for everyone around you, including the leaders you report to. When a leader takes too long to address a problem or addresses it in the

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Helping Employees Overcome Struggles

Don’t Take the Pen Away Liz Wiseman, author of Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter, shares a story that illustrates how great leaders help their employees overcome struggles. While listening to this brief clip, consider her advice on remembering to step away and hand back responsibility. Helping our employees overcome struggles and grow professionally

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More Best Practices

Additional Best Practices to Help Leaders Deal with Difficult Situations Be Professional and Think Ahead When issuing a corrective behavior document or conducting a corrective coaching session make sure to be empathetic. You will also want to create plenty of time for the event. Avoid scheduling meetings right before or after the event. You never

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Principles of Corrective Action

Principles to Consider When Dealing with Negative Performance Issues The Goal of Corrective Action The goal of corrective action is not to punish a person, but to modify behavior. While the leader should be empathetic and polite, the leader should also be direct and manage with courage. An honest conversation early in the observation cycle

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