Decision-Making and Problem-Solving

When a Decision is Made

We know a decision is made when we’ve stepped into action. Some decisions, like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, are irreversible – you simply cannot go back and decide differently. Some decisions made in business are reversible (i.e., Peleliu as discussed in the course on planning). Knowing the nature of the decision in […]

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Innovation Decision Framework Niel Nickolaisen provides a powerful framework for making decisions about where you put your innovation energy. He suggests we divide ideas into two categories: (A) Mission critical and market differentiating, and (B) Mission critical but not market differentiating. Focus innovation energy in category A (mission critical and market differentiating). Focus parity (maintaining) energy in

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When we consider team decision-making processes the first organizational concern we have is the danger of groupthink and how do we avoid it. This module will focus on groupthink, how it happens, and how to engage teams in decision-making without succumbing to groupthink mentalities. Danger of Consensus Leadership Consensus leadership is a style of leadership

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Decision-Making Traps

There are traps decision-makers face that can bias their pre-decision perspective. Being aware of those traps is the most effective way to avoid them. This HBR explainer video explains the traps and gives leaders ideas on how to avoid them.

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Case Example: Three Courses of Action Model

by Gordon Whitehead, Founder of Leaders247 An Elegant Decision-Model The following story comes from the Founder of Leaders247, Gordon Whitehead. This particular model is exceptionally useful in teams because it creates engagement. Drawing people into the process and allowing them to identify opportunities is a powerful mechanism for increasing morale, esprit-de-corps, and achieving the best

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Simple Tools

Sometimes as a leader we need tools to help us frame decisions that need to be made. In this section we offer two tools to help you advance your decision: (a) Creating a forcing function that makes a decision happen, and (b) Leveraging the old-fashioned but highly effective PRO/CON list. We also include a number

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