Communication and Other Soft Skills

Seek to Understand

Sue Galatz – Nike We interviewed Sue Galatz, a former leader at Nike. Sue is an expert communicator and built a long career at Nike by skillfully navigating corporate complexities. Sue shares her feelings about the principle of seeking to understand before you come to a conclusion or judgment. Alex Shootman – CEO We […]

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Quality Matters

Society has lapsed into an acceptable model of unprofessional messaging. Know who you are communicating with and make sure your communication is professional and represents who you are. It isn’t worth saving a few keystrokes to abbreviate the message – be professional. Review before sending – always re-read. If it’s an important message have someone

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Clarify and Confirm

To make sure people understand your message, and to make sure you understand their message, consider adopting a technique called clarify and confirm. This process is very simple, but getting into the habit can take some practice. There are two simple steps: Clarify: To clarify you seek input from the person you are communicating with to

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The Burden is on the Sender

The Burden is on the Sender There is a simple formula for effective communication. The sender is responsible for the message being received and understood. Sometimes we think of the send function of communication as our responsibility ends when the message is transmitted. That approach, however, is a surefire way to make the communication unsuccessful. Even

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Leader Communication Tips

Gordon Whitehead, the Founder of Leaders247, gives a suggestion on how to validate your message so it will be received in the way you want it to be received and understood in the way you want it to be understood. Four other principles leaders should consider include: The burden of communication is on the

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Communication Defined

Communication – What is It? Communicate (v.) 1520s, “to impart (information, etc.); to give or transmit (a quality, feeling, etc.) to another,” from Latin communicatus, past participle of communicare “to share, communicate, impart, inform,” literally “to make common,” related to communis “common, public, general” (see common (adj.)). Meaning “to share, transmit” is from 1530s. Intransitive

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