Communication and Other Soft Skills

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About Founder and Leaders247

Founder Gordon Whitehead Dr. Gordon E. Whitehead specializes in leadership and organizational development with a particular interest in helping emerging leaders accelerate their leadership growth. His career includes 13 years in the United States Marine Corps where he served both as an enlisted man and as an officer. He left the Marines as a Captain …

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Continuing Your Development

At Leaders247 we believe that reading is one of the best training grounds for leaders. To continue developing your skills in dealing with Communication and Other Soft Skills we have selected these books for you to consider. You can click on the image and it will take you to the book purchase page on Amazon.

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Growth Activity #4: Vision

Here are a few growth activities. Write your thoughts on each question and submit in the assignment box below. What is the vision for your organization? How have you been part of crafting that vision? How have you helped those who work for you to understand and get behind that vision? What do you learn …

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When the Vision Isn’t Clear

Sue Galatz – Nike In this podcast segment by Sue Galatz from Nike we learn two points: As leaders we need to be very careful about making sure the work we give people has clarity and vision As followers, when we don’t know or understand the vision, we need to ask more questions.

A Mantra is a Useful Idea

Mission vs. Mantra Can you remember your mission statement? Can your employees remember the mission statement? In today’s world we are all completely bombarded and overwhelmed with information and things to try to remember. Guy Kawasaki is a venture capitalist, a serial entrepreneur, and worked at Apple in the early days of their success. His …

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