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Empowering and Delegating

It’s not as simple as saying, “you’re empowered.” In fact, that statement will cost you leadership credibility and social power unless you understand how to empower. Leaders who rise to the top understand how to empower and delegate. In this LeaderPod you’ll learn how to get good at doing both. Your social capital will soar.

What You Can Expect

This LeaderPod provides tools to help you understand the process a leader needs to take to empower and delegate. While it might sound simple, the truth is when done incorrectly you can end up with a bad case of disgruntled followers, confusion, and poor productivity. The content introduced in this program will help you to become really good, really fast at the principles of empowering and delegating the right way. Your team will appreciate you for it.

Growth Activity #1: Your Recipe for Empowerment

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