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Our Leadership Program


Difficult People and Difficult Conversations

One of the first issues a new leader faces is working with difficult people. The way you manage a difficult person or conversation can make or break your career. This LeaderPod provides tools you can use immediately to become a better leader and help your people become more effective.


Communication and Other Soft Skills

Communication is the number one soft skill people expect in today’s world. If you want to make a big difference in your leadership career, develop transforming communication skills. Leaders who can effectively communicate in many different ways create energy and harmony. This LeaderPod helps you hone those skills.


Motivating and Inspiring Others

The best leaders help their people tap into their own personal motivations in order to perform at their highest levels, which is both personally and professionally satisfying. Understanding what motivates a person is a basic key to being an effective leader.


Empowering and Delegating

It’s not as simple as saying, “you’re empowered.” In fact, that statement will cost you leadership credibility and social power unless you understand how to empower. Leaders who rise to the top understand how to empower and delegate. In this LeaderPod you’ll learn how to get good at doing both. Your social capital will soar.


Prioritizing, Planning, and Executing

The best leaders are skilled planners. They know how to translate their plans into action by prioritizing and driving execution. Keeping the work constantly connected to top priorities is the difference between promotion and plateau. Give yourself an edge with our LeaderPod on Prioritizing, Planning, and Executing.


Decision-Making and Problem-Solving

Decision-making and problem-solving are closely related skills. Yet, there are big differences. When a leader makes a decision they commission action. Problem-solving is making decisions while creating change to resolves a problem. This LeaderPod will give you a competitive advantage by accelerating your abilities.

About Our Product

Carefully designed to cause change, move the business forward, and produce skills that stick and are used now!

Learning Leadership in the Context of Your World

Developed By Dr. Gordon Whitehead

When I was a leader at Nike, we used a number of Leadership Programs that helped us all get off to a fast start. Those Nike foundations had a big influence on me. Over my years of leadership experience and research, I have built programs to help leaders develop quickly. We focus on fundamental topics that are put into micro-pods that are facilitated by a seasoned executive coach. The result is an immediate impact on the business because leaders spend 2-4 hours a week learning, applying, discussing, sharing, and taking action within their own business environment.

Leaders need an opportunity to discuss, share, and study leadership in a safe environment, to be able to ask questions, and to dig deep within themselves to discover their capabilities and potential.

Participants are able to use the course to make an immediate impact because learning topics integrate with and pivot around both self-development interests and business demands. You become a better leader and a better business person.

Learn from the experiences of other leaders, such as CEOs, VPs, Directors, and major process leaders who have significant business and leadership experience.

What Our Clients Have to Say

"Working as a leader at an industry-leading technical consultancy is challenging and often stressful. Gordon’s unique blend of real-world experience and academic knowledge, along with his strong moral character, has helped me navigate those challenges."
"With Gordon, I become energized about the principles and the possibilities of leadership. I come away inspired and better equipped to be a better leader."
“As a 30-year information technology professional who has worked for Fortune 50 most of my career, I have to say that this is the absolute best course I have taken. The big difference is the course concepts were not ‘flavor of the day’, they allowed me to enhance my leadership.”
"I took the Communications and Other Softskills LeaderPod and found it immediately helpful. Within the first few pages and videos, I identified ways to improve as a leader and help my people."